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Fukushima Thyroid Examination October 2017: 154 Surgically Confirmed as Thyroid Cancer Among 193 Cytology Suspected Cases

Only 3 suspected/confirmedcases—all in the third round—were newly diagnosed by cytology since the last report. Total number of suspected/confirmed thyroid cancer = 193 (excluding a single case of benign tumor; 115 in the first round, 71 in the second round, and 7 in the third round).Two additional cases of surgery since the last report, one each in the second and the third round: total number of surgically confirmed cancer cases =154 (101 in the first round, 50 in the second round, and 3 in the third round)The second round screening is nearly complete; the final report to be released at the next Oversight Committee or Thyroid Examination Assessment Committee. A new two-year term begins for newly appointed and returning members of the Oversight Committee as well as the Thyroid Examination Assessment Subcommittee. Surprisingly, Kazuo Shimizu—former Subcommittee Chair—was not even appointed to be on the SubcommitteeOn October 23, 2017, the 28th Oversight Committee for Fukushim…