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2015 Update: Details of Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Surgical Cases

This post contains a translation of the first three abstracts presented at the Symposium 1 "Diagnosis and Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Thyroid Cancer" during the 27th Annual Congress of the Japan Association of Endocrine Surgeons held on May 28-29, 2015, in Fukushima City.

Shinichi Suzuki, a thyroid surgeon at Fukushima Medical University and director of Thyroid Ultrasound Examination, was the program chair. (See his greeting here in Japanese).
Background on lack of information disclosure and Suzuki's stance
On May 18, 2015, only 10 days before the Annual Congress of the Japan Association of Endocrine Surgeons, the Nineteenth Oversight Committee for Fukushima Health Management Survey convened, where Suzuki's unexpected absence surprised journalists and audience on site as well as on the Internet. Suzuki's potential absence from the Oversight Committee was not mentioned at the previous Oversight Committee session on February 12, 2015. Masafumi Abe, vice pre…