Fukushima Thyroid Examination March 2018: 160 Surgically Confirmed as Thyroid Cancer Among 196 Cytology Suspected Cases

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  • One new surgically confirmed case for the second round since the last report
  • Three cases newly diagnosed in the third round, but no additional surgically confirmed cases.
  • Total number of suspected/confirmed thyroid cancer is now 196 (excluding a single case of benign tumor; 115 in the first round, 71 in the second round, and 10 in the third round).
  • Total number of surgically confirmed cancer cases has increased to 160 (101 in the first round,  52 in the second round, and 7 in the third round)

On March 5, 2018, the 30th Oversight Committee for Fukushima Health Management Survey (FHMS) convened in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture. Among other information, the Oversight Committee released the latest results (as of December 31, 2017) of the third round of the Thyroid Ultrasound Examination (TUE). The second round results were orally updated. Official English translation of the results are to be posted here

The latest overall results 

The first round results
From the FY 2016 supplemental report with data as of March 31, 2017.

The second round results
With 1 additional surgical case, 52 of 71 have been surgically confirmed as thyroid cancer.

The third round results
Three new cases (2 in FY 2016, 1 in FY 2017). One female (age 11 in March 2011) and 2 males (ages 6 and 16 in March 2011). Only one of three underwent the second round screening with A2 (nodule) assessment. Other two never participated in the second round.

Notable is the maximum tumor size (on ultrasound) of 33.0 mm which has nearly doubled since the last results.

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