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Thirteenth Prefectural Oversight Committee Meeting: Fukushima Thyroid Ultrasound Examination Results

The Proceedings of the Thirteenth Prefectural Oversight Committee Meeting for Fukushima Health Management Survey were released on November 12, 2013.  Below is the complete translation of the thyroid ultrasound examination.

Please refer to this post for the short summary.

Original Japanese document can be found here.
The official English translation is here.

Page 1
Implementation status of the "thyroid examination" in Fukushima Health Management Survey

1   Progress status and summary of the results
(1) The primary examination
   The Fiscal Year 2013 examinations have been conducted, in approximately 158,000 participants from 34 municipalities, since April 22, 2013. In addition, participants from the previously targeted municipalities who have not been examined were encouraged to participate in the following ways: Letters have been sent to them, explaining the examination implementation outside Fukushima Prefecture or in other municipalities; and information about the examination has…

26 Thyroid Cancer Cases Confirmed in Fukushima Children: Preliminary Results of FY2011-2013 Thyroid Ultrasound Examination

Thirteenth Prefectural Oversight Committee convened on November 12, 2013, releasing the results of the latest thyroid examination as part of the prefectural health management survey.

Please refer to this post for complete translation of the full results.  

A summary of the results is provided below:

Total number of children examined as of September 30, 2013: 289,960
Total number of children whose initial examination results are confirmed: 225,537
(up to the August 23rd, 2013 examination)

     Assessment A1  121,525 (no nodules or cysts found)
     Assessment A2  102,453 (nodules 5.0 mm or smaller or cysts 20.0 mm or smaller)
     Assessment B     1,558 (nodules 5.1 mm or larger or cysts 20.1 mm or larger)
     Assessment C         1 (requiring immediate secondary examination)

Secondary examination includes more detailed thyroid ultrasound, blood and urine tests, and fine-needle aspiration biopsy if warranted.
      1,559 are eligible for secondary examination
      1,148 have …

Fukushima Parks: One-hour Time Limit for Playing

These photos were taken by Akemi, a single mother who had voluntarily evacuated from Fukushima City to Kyoto, over 500 km away, when she visited her parents' home in Fukushima City in March 2013.

What the sign says:

For those using the park:
Due to the effect of environmental radioactivity, please be careful of the following points in using the park.

Please limit the use of the park to 1 hour per day.Please wash your hands and face and gargle after using the park.Please be careful not to put soil and sand in your mouth.For inquiry, contact Fukushima City Parks and Greenery Division Phone 525-3765

This is the park where the sign is posted. Akemi says identical signs were posted at three parks near her parents’ house. The sand pit is covered with blue tarp and weighted down. Akemi says this park used to be a green park. Akemi had sent her son to Kyoto by himself first, but while she was visiting him in Kyoto for a week in August 2012, the green park was turned into a regular playground. …

Fukushima Doctors Planned to Distribute Stable Iodine to Every Fukushima Resident in Vain

Note: The original title, "Fukushima Doctors' Plan to Distribute Stable Iodine to Every Fukushima Resident Thwarted by NIRS and Yamashita" was changed to "Fukushima Doctors Planned to Distribute Stable Iodine to Every Fukushima Resident in Vain" on November 9, 2013, according to the further development of the story in "Prometheus Trap" series.

Asahi Shimbun's revealing "Prometheus Trap" series has been featuring previously unpublicized stories surrounding the Fukushima nuclear accident and its aftermath. Its latest series, called "Doctors Advance on Frontline," describes what was going on at Fukushima Medical University shortly after the Fukushima nuclear accident began to unfold.

Excerpted and translated from "Prometheus Trap: Doctors Advance on Frontline #18, #19 and #20," published on November 5, 6, and 7, 2013, respectively.


Fukushima Medical University is located in Fukushima City, 60 km west of Fukushima Daiic…