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Where to Find Fukushima Radiation Health Survey Information: : Fukushima Medical University's Radiation Medical Science Center Website

Where to Find Fukushima Radiation Health Survey Information:Fukushima Medical University's Radiation Medical Science Center Website 

Fukushima Medical University's Radiation Medical Science Center opened a new website on January 10, 2019. The original English website, "Office of International Cooperation," is still active, although it seems to be updated at a lot slower pace nowadays. (It took 2 months for them to post English translation of the reports from the September 2018 Oversight Committee meeting, which used to come out in 3-4 weeks.)

The top page looks like this:

When you scroll down, 4 blue rectangles appear: 

Radiation Medical Science Center: scrolls down the screen to show a greeting and organizational information. Fukushima Health Management Survey: shows the report of the Fukushima Health Management Survey, with the current version being the "revised version" as of December 5, 2018. (The "original" version appears to have been deleted. F…
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Shin-ichi Kurokawa Sets Straight Dishonesty and Misrepresentation in the Hayano Statement Regarding the Radiation Dose Study with Alleged Misconduct

This is an unofficial English translation of the article that originally appeared on the HARBOR BUSINESS Online (HBOL) website on February 11, 2019, posted here with permission from the HBOL. The English translation is supplemented with additional information as needed, enclosed in square brackets.

*February 20, 2019 update: PDF link for translation of the article co-authored by Kurokawa and published in the February 2019 issue of Kagaku is inserted in appropriate places. This translation is available in Kagaku's e-publication page and citable in AMA style as: Kurokawa S, Shima A. A Glass Badge Study That Failed and Betrayed Residents —A Study with Seven Violations of Ethical Guidelines Can Be No Ground for Government Policies. Kagaku. 2019;89(2):e0017-e0024.

Urgent Report: Professor Emeritus Kurokawa sets straight dishonesty and misrepresentation in the "statement" by Ryugo Hayano, the author of the radiation dose study with alleged misconduct
Written by Shin-ichi Kurokawa

Fukushima Thyroid Examination December 2018: 166 Surgically Confirmed as Thyroid Cancer Among 207 Cytology Suspected Cases

♦Note: This post is likely to be updated with key points from the meeting in the near future.
♦The February 21, 2019 update begins below the embedded file, "The Status of the Thyroid Ultrasound Examination."

For more detailed information on the Fukushima Thyroid Examination itself, see the September 2017 fact sheet (long version, or e-published PDF)

The third round: 3 cases newly diagnosed as suspicious or malignant, and 2 new  cases surgically confirmed.The fourth round: No cytology conducted yet as of September 30, 2018.Age 25 Milestone Screening for those born in FY1992: 2 cases diagnosed as suspicious or malignant. No surgery yet.Total number of suspected/confirmed thyroid cancer is now206(excluding a single case of benign tumor; 115 in the first round, 71 in the second round, 18 in the third round, and 2 in Age 25 Milestone Screening).Total number of surgically confirmed thyroid cancer cases has increased by 2 to 166 (101 in the first round, 52 in the second …