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Details of Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Surgical Cases

This is a compilation of the most current information on Fukushima thyroid cancer surgical cases from 3 different sources (screenshots of the abstracts for 2 & 3 can be seen in this post):  November 11, 2014Thyroid Examination Evaluation Subcommittee meetingNovember 14, 2014 Japan Thyroid Association meetingAugust 28, 2014 Japan Society of Clinical Oncology meeting

Due to the span of the time amongst these 3 sources, they have different numbers for the cases of thyroid cancer. For clarification, the most updated summary of the thyroid cancer cases is presented first. 

Summary of Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Cases as of November 29 by Yuri Hiranuma ******************************************************************************************************** Summary of Fukushima thyroid cancer cases as of November 2014
Number of cases suspected or confirmed of thyroid cancer = 104 Cases that had surgery = 58 Cases confirmed of thyroid cancer = 57 (1 of 58 turned out to be benign nodules)
55 of 58 case…

A Letter Hand-delivered to the UN and UNSCEAR, Requesting Revision of UNSCEAR Report And a New UN Mandate for UNSCEAR

On October 24, 2014, at the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly being held in New York City, representatives from Physicians for Social Responsibility (USA) and Human Rights Now (Tokyo, Japan) hand-delivered a letter to the chairperson of the 4th Committee and the Secretary of UNSCEAR.  The letter, co-signed by 43 civil society groups from 9 countries, including 21 Japanese groups, requested revision of the 2014 UNSCEAR report on Fukushima accident as well as a new UN mandate for UNSCEAR.

Date: 24 October 2014
To: Members of the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly 69th Session, Members of UNSCEAR, and Members of the UN General Assembly:

Re:Civil Society groups request revision of the recent United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) Report: “Levels and effects of radiation exposure due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami.”

The 2011 Fukushima disaster made UN oversight of the adverse effects of …