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Regional Distribution of Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Cases (Confirmed and Suspected) Analyzed by Citizen Scientists

The first round of thyroid examination concluded in March 2014, and its results are nearly complete, except for some of the secondary examination results which were still not available as of August 24, 2014. Fukushima Medical University denies any regional difference in the incidence of thyroid cancer amongst Fukushima children and considers it unlikely that the current incidence of cancer is related to radiation exposure.  Although it might not be possible to epidemiologically assess the radiation health effects until the second round of thyroid examination is finished at the end of March 2016, the currently available data could still be analyzed in more detail.

As the nature of Japanese language allows significant amounts of information to be shared in a tweet using 140 letters, there has been an active discussion going on regarding the thyroid examination results on Twitter. When the results are released by Fukushima Medical University, citizen scientists--some professionals and som…

19-Year-Old Fukushima Woman Says, "Please Let Me Be the One to Decide on My Own Life."

This is a translation of an interview article posted online on August 30, 2014, by a Japanese freelance journalist, Hiroki Suzuki. Suzuki runs a site called, "Tami no Koe Shimbun," or "People's Voice Newspaper," where he posts interviews of various people in Fukushima. The article was translated with permissions from Suzuki and the interviewee.

Tami no Koe Shimbun (People’s Voice Newspaper)
Let’s protect children from radiation exposure. Let’s protect people. That’s why I keep writing.

“Please let me be the one to decide on my own life.” A 19-year-old Date City woman talks about “nuclear accident,” “radiation exposure,” and “evacuation.”

I understand there is a danger of radiation exposure. I learned about dangers of nuclear power plant. But I don’t want to destroy my current life.... A 19-year-old college preparatory school student from Date City, Fukushima Prefecture, talked about how she really felt now that a little over three years have passed since the Tokyo…